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Katarzyna Małgorzata Miszczyńska Piotr Marek Miszczyński


Constantly growing health needs, changing demographic situation resulting in often prolonged treatment process, technological progress in the field of highly specialised medical procedures and the associated increase in patient awareness translate into an increase in the operating costs of the healthcare sector. The main aim of the study was the assessment of the relationship between the labour costs of medical staff and in-patient curative care costs financed by the main payer over the next decade. The research results confirmed that the assumed increase of expenditures on healthcare sector to the level of 9% of GDP in 2027 (proposed by management units) is unlikely to happen. The research findings were obtained by the implementation of scenario analysis supported by the development trend analysis.

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Miszczyńska, K., & Miszczyński, P. (2020). INPATIENT COSTS IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF POLISH HEALTH POLICY: SCENARIO ANALYSIS. The South East European Journal of Economics and Business, 15(2), 43-56. Retrieved from
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Katarzyna Małgorzata Miszczyńska, University of Lodz

Ph.D. the Department of Public Finance at the University of Lodz, Poland. Author of a book and many scientific articles related to health economics. A specialist in the field of health economics, financial management and performance evaluation. Leader of scientific grants.

Piotr Marek Miszczyński, University of Lodz

Doctor of economic sciences. An assistant professor in the Department of Operations Research at the University of Lodz, Poland. Doctoral thesis defended in the Faculty of Economics and Sociology in the University of Lodz. Graduate of the University of Lodz. Received a master’s degree in Information Technology and Econometrics in 2009 and in 2012 his second master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. Since 2010 working at the University of Lodz. Expert in banking with a particular emphasis on quantitative methods, simulation and optimization modeling. Author of several academic articles and analytical works. Since 2015 took part in several banking projects as an expert in the field of strategic analysis, business planning and financial modelling.