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Leonita Mazrekaj


Gender-related entrepreneurship research remains essential for analyzing various socioeconomic, cultural, and socio-family abstractions of human capital that are distinct to gender. This study provides a comprehensive review of the literature about the theoretical foundations, results, assessment, and research that considers specifically composition of human capital as a moderator in the structure of gender entrepreneurial behavior. In this review study course, the SSLR (Semi-Systematic Research Review) approach is utilized to develop future research outlines. The key findings state that studies on female entrepreneurs that concentrate specifically on education and perceived abilities have a number of shortcomings. This includes failing to grasp the importance of simultaneously addressing individual and country-level indicators, as well as structural, historical, and cultural variables. The findings thus reinforce the importance of viewing the structure of female entrepreneurs as part of a holistic interdependent system, highlighting how the interaction of factors at various levels shapes identities, career choices, and perceptions of entrepreneurial opportunities and constraints. Finally, findings indicated that there is a need for a new approach to gender and economic inclusion methods, such as life histories, longitudinal empirical analysis, narrative analysis, approaches with in-depth interviews, or discourse analyses. At the end an agenda for future research is developed based on the review, with implications for entrepreneurship educational attainment and perceived abilities being highlighted.

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Mazrekaj, L. (2024). GENDER ENTREPRENEURIAL BEHAVIOUR: A SSLR (SEMI-SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW) APPROACH. The South East European Journal of Economics and Business, 19(1), 77-95. Retrieved from
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Leonita Mazrekaj, University of Graz, Institute of Public Economics

University of Graz, Institute of Public Economics.
Universitätsstraße 15, 8010 Graz Austria. Austria
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